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What Laptop should you buy in 2020?

Laptop Finder Quiz will help to decide What laptop should you buy in 2020.

A unique feature of is this Laptop Finder Quiz. Participate in the short quiz, answer each question with single or multiple options about screen size, price, features, intended use type, etc and get a list of recommended laptops by our system. 

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What type of laptops you are looking for?

Screen Size

What screen size you preferred?

11-12 inch
13 Inch
14 Inch Laptops
15 Inch Laptops
17 Inch Laptops
19 Inch Laptops


What kind of work you'll do with this new laptop?

General Use
For basic Word Processing, Internet Browsing, Movies, Music
Laptops for Students to use in School or college.
Office Work
Gaming Laptop
Graphics Work, Audio Processing, Video Rendering
Programming, Software Development, Web Development


Which features you want in your laptop?

HD Display
4k Screen Resolution
Full HD 1920X1080p
Dedicated GPU
Touchscreen Display
SSD Storage
Fingerprint Security
Backlit Keyboard
VR Ready Laptop for Gaming


Whats your budget?

$200 or Less
Between $200 - $500
Between $500 - $1000
Between $1000 - $2000
Between $2000 - $3000


How much you work when laptop is unplugged?


Which platform you are looking for?

Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro
Apple Computers
Does not matter

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